A Family Affair

More than one-half of long term care supportive services are donated as informal care, by family members and friends, most commonly by spouses and adult daughters. (Congressional Budget Office Report on LTC and Supportive Services released in 2013)

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Early Planning Is Essential

Most people still believe that Medicare or their health insurance will pay for long term care. In fact, neither of these insurance providers will pay for custodial care. Planning for future care cost is not only a wise financial planning decision, but it is a loving gift to spouses and family members who otherwise would be primary care givers.

Aging In Place...Together

By 2050, one-fifth of the total U.S. population will be elderly. The number of people age 85 or older will grow the fastest over the next few decades. That growth in the elderly population will bring a corresponding surge in the number of elderly people with functional and cognitive limitations. (Congressional Budget Office Report on LTC Services released in 2013)

Let Us Help You Plan

Do you want to know what insurance options are available? Let us help you meet your planning goals. Do you already have a policy, but no one to answer your questions? We can explain your policy benefits. Do you need help with your claim? We will help you navigate the maze. Have you been concerned about future LTC expenses? Call us, and let us help.

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"In theory, I believed I could take care of my Mom, keep up with her home, and take care of my family, my kids and myself. I am constantly torn, feeling guilty that I'm not doing enough for anyone, including taking care of myself these days" (Beyond Dollars, Genworth Care Giving Survey 2010)

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